Get Paid For Receive SMS in Your Smartphone

Money SMS App

Money SMS is a mobile phone application that pays you to get instant messages from your cellphone.

It's worked by TelQ, which is a German organization that represents considerable authority in SMS testing. The TelQ stage permits Mobile Network Operators to watch out for and upgrade the quality of SMS conveyance and reception.

Get Paid By Receiving SMS

Get Paid For Receiving SMS

You get paid while letting SMS suppliers and Telecom Mobile Network Operators perform tests by sending you messages on your mobile phone.

SMS Payout
Paid To Receive SMS

Receiving SMS Examples

You Get Paid 0.02 pounds for every SMS Received

Earn Money For Receiving SMS

You can withdraw the money to your PayPal account once you reach 2 euros pounds

Since it is an easy money to earn, why not try it now?

Click the link and install the application to your smartphone. Use the code below to get a Bonus of 0.5 euro pounds


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  1. This is the first time I “hear” about this way of making money. I think that these apps really require from us to engage and go after new members rather than just earning 2 cents per receiving SMS. By the way, since I’m from Germany I might benefit from this app (:

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