Earn Money Just By Clicking On Google

Serpclix is a platform that can earn you some cash just by becoming a clicker.

For you to become a clicker, you must use a laptop or desktop to access Serpclix from a real IP address. The best is at your home or using your office network.

You must also have the latest version of Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser to install Serpclix Browser Extension just like the image below.

Click the button to install the Extension.

Once the extension had installed, you will see a Serpclix icon appear in your browser toolbar. (Shown in image below)




Install Serpclix Extension
Serpclix timing

Log in to your extension by entering your username and password, the toolbar icon will reflect the number of Orders available to work on.


If there are orders, it will appear in this manner below.

Serpclix Order

Click an order. It will Automatically open Google Search Engine in a new tab.  Copy the keyword on the Order and paste it at Google Search Engine.

Scroll until you find the URL which will highlight in Red. Sometimes you must click through many pages to find the highlighted Red. *If you couldn’t find the order within the first 10 pages, just skip it and move on to the next order*

Once you had found the Highlight Red, click it and stay on the site till the countdown timer end. Once the timer end, your Dashbox earning will be credited with cash. The longest waiting time will just be 120 seconds but still worth the time to earn some money without doing anything.

Earnings are paid out via PayPal at the beginning of each month for earnings during the previous month for any accounts that have earned at least $5.00.

Serpclix Google

Below is my testimonial for the recent earnings and is definitely real.

Serpclix Earnings
My Earnings
Serpclix Email
Cash Out To Paypal

*This is not a get rich scheme but is just an additional income when you are free to do it*

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