Best Affordable Insurance Plans In 2024

FWD Term Life Insurance

Enhance your life insurance coverage at a fraction of your premium

No medical examination

With Term Life insurance, you can buy up to S$1.5 million of coverage without the need for a medical check-up if you are in the pink of health.

Big coverage at an affordable price

Get a million dollar fixed term life cover for 28 years from as low as $1 a day and the freedom to pace your premiums with your income.

Enhance your cover

Beef up your coverage with optional benefits to protect yourself if you are diagnosed with a critical illness or become unable to work due to a total and permanent disability.

Plan with certainty

For fixed term, your premium remains the same over the policy period you choose. For renewable term, your premium changes every year allowing you to start with lower premium.
*There are also other types of affordable insurances such as big 3 critical illness, travel, car, personal accident, and home insurance available*

*Feedback From a FWD Customer*

Say goodbye to my expensive life term premium that I applied for in an established insurance company 20 years ago. It started with only $86 a month and every 5 years, the cost of the premium will renew and increase tremendously. Now my life term premium cost $130 and my coverage is only $40k, the same as 20 years ago despite the premium increases. Perhaps this is due to financial advisors are getting their commission for their daily needs, thus aiming their targets such as Million Dollars Round Table Award. The only positive thing is they are high efficiency for their services if you need their advice or helps. Ever since I was introduced to FWD insurance, I find out that their life term premium and other insurance plans cost 3 times lower than other insurance companies. The claim is easily much easily now. So which insurance company is more suitable for you. It all depends on an individual’s needs.
Do you need to pay a high premium with low coverages covered but having good services from your agents for only few days a year or do you prefer to pay a much lower premium with higher coverages and easily submit the claim online by yourself?
For me, I have canceled the old policy and choose FWD life term at a much lower cost with higher coverages at fixed terms.
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