Enough said for toy car, toy fishing pond or even a tv console game for your kids, probably one of the most educational toys available also happens to be one of the most inviting! The Essential life skills that children can learn from LEGOs are important and beneficial! If you never really thought of them as super educational, you would soon see the benefits to let your kids play with LEGOs.

1. Fine Motor Skills

Using LEGO bricks is the perfect opportunity for building fine motor skills! Children love the thrill of building and they can do this for hours, building up strong little muscles in their hands that will help them do other skills, such as learn to write and draw.

2. Cooperative, bonding And Communication Play

Children have a very imaginary bliss with adventures, heroes, villains, animals, and even family members. Using LEGO minifigures and bricks with other peers gives children the same skills they would learn in dramatic play or from using a dollhouse.

It even allows your child plays with other children, develop their social and communication. Finally, it even allows you to bond much closely with your kid.  

3. A Sense of Accomplishment

When children finished their amazing work of art, they are eager to show off their creations. They have made something they are incredibly proud of, which is good for their hands as well as good for their heart! Most of the time they come up with an idea in their heads, then they begin to piece it together. This way, they will develop more confidence and their excitement leads to making items with more and more complex purposes!

4. Persistence with setback

Building with LEGO bricks sometimes leads to heartbreak. A beautiful skyscraper comes crumbling down with one wrong move.

Initially, this is frustrating but children who use LEGO bricks regularly are not defeated by a setback. Instead, they make it again. The ability to plan, organise and then execute are all critical skills that can be applied to any goal orientated actions in life.

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5. Solving a puzzle

Kid love to solve a puzzle! Does not matter using an instruction booklet or builds completely from their own imagination, when children are picking up little pieces around them to form a wall, plane, or creature, they are bringing order out of chaos. LEGO bricks become useful, entertaining, or even therapeutic

6. Science

Cause and effect are one of the first science lessons a child learns! It is so fun to watch the thrill that a child must build a tower as tall as possible. It gets higher and higher, soon over their heads. Then they all hold their breath as the super tall tower falls over.


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Science is the driving component behind all creations that a child has. The foundation of science is to come up with an idea and to prove it practically. LEGOs do this naturally through imagination. A child simply comes up with an idea then develops it.

7. Math

Volume, quantity, one to one correspondence, symmetry, patterns, and more all can show up when a child plays with LEGOs.

Let’s not forget addition and subtraction! When you give a child a limited number of Legos to complete their entire project, they learn that each one counts. They begin to understand that every brick, minifigure, and piece has a value! Children can even begin the complex task of rationing their supply to complete their masterpiece.

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8. Engineering for Beginners

When a young child is building with blocks, there is a lot of engineering going on. Children quickly learn that a tower made of a single column quickly falls. that tiny tot will add balance and stability to his engineering skills, and it builds and builds from there. By creating a stable base, they open a new world of possibilities! Soon they will have pyramids or maybe even the Great Wall of China!

9. Better focus and concentration

It takes time to learn to settle and concentrate – for kids, learning to do this without feeling frustrated or pressured helps to create good associations with focus time. For adults, playing with LEGO bricks can help you to put all the other life worries out of your mind in almost meditative fashion. In fact, immersion in LEGO helps with relaxation, and stress management, so make sure you get a regular fix!

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