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Positions your brand as the authority:

 Ranking prominently for multiple search terms across the
consumer buying journey establishes brand authority and
puts your brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Boosts your content marketing efforts:

Search engine optimisation campaigns complement your
content marketing efforts by optimising content (e.g. blogposts,
articles, listicles) to rank better on search engines.

Drives brand awareness and visibility:
Websites ranking on the first page of the search
results enjoy great visibility and brand awareness.

Higher traffic share compared to the paid
search results:
In some categories, the click through rate of the first
webpage on the organic search results can be as high as

Long-term return on investment:
Search engine optimisation activities may take awhile to
produce returns. However, the results (i.e. ranking on the top
of Google) bring continual return on investment in the long run.

Generates highly relevant and high quality traffic:
Users who search and click through your site are actively looking
for information and more likely to engage and convert into

Free Search Engine Submission

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